Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What is your refund policy?
Answer: Refunds are for relocation and injury only.  All refunds are subject to a $20 cancellation fee.

Question: When are the practices?
Answer: Practices for players in the U06 through U17 age groups are held once a week.  The practice start time will either be 5:30 or 6:30 (Towards the end of the fall season, the practice start times are moved 30 minutes earlier to account for daylight).  Practice usually lasts one hour.  U-5’s practice on the field on game day.

Question: How long is the season?
Answer: The season lasts approximately nine weeks.  The fall season starts typically runs from late August to early November and the spring season typically runs from early March to late May.  Specific dates are based field maintenance, holiday calendar dates, daylight, etc.

Question: What will my child need to play soccer?
Answer: Each player is required to wear shin guards at each practice and game.  All players should bring a soccer ball and water to each practice and game.  Please make sure the ball is properly inflated and you lable the ball so it can be easily identified.  Most players wear cleats, but they are not required to play.  Cleats are recommended to help the players perform better on the field.  The table below lists the appropriate ball size for each age group:
> U05-U08 Age Groups:     Size 3 Soccer Ball
> U09-U12 Age Groups:     Size 4 Soccer Ball
> U13-U17 Age Groups:     Size 5 Soccer Ball

Question: Why are practices and games sometimes cancelled due to rain?
Answer: For player safety and to reduce damage to the fields, we will cancel practice and/or games due to inclement weather and poor field conditions.  Field closings and delays will be updated on our homepage as soon a decision is made.

Question: I am thinking about coaching/assistant coaching, are there any requirements?
Answer: Some of our coaches are licensed and/or have played at the club, high school, or college level.  However, most coaches are parents who have taken an active leadership role on their children's team because of their love of the game.  All of our coaches recognize the joys and benefits that soccer brings to children.  Requirements for coaching include a positive attitude, the ability to work with and accept players of all skill levels, and a commitment to making sure the game is enjoyable to all players.

Question: Why do we use smaller field sizes and smaller rosters for the U05-U12 age groups?
Answer: There are many benefits to having smaller field sizes and smaller numbers on the field.  First, there are more opportunities for the players to touch the ball.  Second, it encourages players to both dribble and pass instead of kicking the ball and chasing it down the field.  And finally, it aids in young players developing better individual skills due to the emphasis on controlling the ball in smaller spaces.

Question: Why don't we use goalies in the U05-U07 age groups?
Answer: The objective for the younger players is to touch the ball, be around the ball, and to feel part of the game.  This emphasis will improve their ball skills and help them enjoy their soccer experience.