New Blowout Policy Goes into Effect this Fall Season

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FC Cary Families,

Starting with the fall of 2019 season, FC Cary will be implementing a blowout policy. As registration opens for the fall season, we want to share with you the details of this new policy and some of the reasoning behind it.

Over the years, the club has collected a great amount of feedback regarding our program. This feedback has come in the form of official surveys of current and former club families, weekly feedback provided directly by families and coaches, plus years of observation by the FC Cary staff. Many of the changes we have made over the years have been the result of listening to this feedback and working to improve our program. The new blowout policy is an example of taking action based on feedback.

One of the things that families love about FC Cary, and always ranks high on the list of positives, is the ability to play each season with friends. Many players start with us as 5 year-olds and will play all the way through their senior year in high school, often with some of the same kids they started playing with. This is great and as a club we fully support this by allowing players who register by the returning player deadline to remain on the same team season-after-season if they desire. The downside of this approach is that over time, some teams become very strong. As a result, we are seeing too many blowout games which creates a negative environment for players who are new to the game or who are less competitive in nature. Additionally, we are seeing a high number of games where coaches are failing to adjust their tactics to manage the score and are allowing their team to win by double-digit margins. This type of game is not fun and is detrimental to our core mission of growing the love of the game for all players.

The details of the new policy are below but simply stated; if you want to stay together as a team season-after-season, do not blow teams out in games.

The club has spent the past several seasons exploring options to help address this issue. We fully respect the desire to play with friends and we must balance that with the goal of creating a positive and inviting atmosphere for all players.

There are four key areas that the club is looking to address.

  1. Awareness among coaches, players, and families that blowouts must be avoided.
  2. Education for coaches relating to how to manage their team when scores are getting lopsided.
  3. Formalized policy and details of actions that will be taken for non-compliance.
  4. Monitoring the rollout of the policy and making necessary adjustments over time.

For awareness, the club is previewing the new blowout policy as a guideline to coaches for the current season. The guideline was communicated at the pre-season coach meeting and then again via email to all coaches. An overview of the pending policy was shared and coaches were instructed to begin working with their teams in games to manage scores. A series of steps to take when games start to get lopsided was communicated. During the spring season, FC Cary staff is watching as many games as possible and are stepping in to work with coaches as blowouts develop. Our goal is to educate coaches and to empower them to step in and take control of game situations to eliminate blowouts. There are many soccer-related objectives that a team can be given to work on in a game that will build their skills while controlling the final score. Coaches have also been asked to discuss this new guideline and upcoming policy with their families as appropriate.

In addition to the coach education items discussed above, a list of strategies for coaches to implement during games will be sent to each coach and listed on our website prior to the start of the fall season. This list will contain many actions that will continue a player’s and/or team’s development without leading to additional goals being scored.

The formal policy will go into effect starting with the fall of 2019 season. The policy is included at the end of this message and will be posted to the FC Cary Rules page on our website in the next few days.

Finally, this new policy is designed to help us meet our core mission which is to provide a fun and educational level of soccer for all children regardless of skill. We emphasize the development of soccer fundamentals while focusing on good sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork. As we implement this new policy, we will make adjustments as necessary to meet this objective.

We realize that with any new policy change there will be questions and concerns. It will take time for coaches, players, and families to fully adjust to this change but we believe our league will be stronger and will serve the recreational needs of our young players better if we all keep front-of-mind the idea that nobody benefits from blowouts in youth recreational soccer and that we all can help grow the love of soccer each game day.


FC Cary Staff


Visit FC Cary Rules Page for Official Policy