Parking at Green Hope Elementary School Park

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IMPORTANT: No parking anywhere on Louis Stephens Drive. Do not park on the road or you will be ticketed.

Saturday game-day parking is always a challenge. We encourage families to arrive early, carpool if possible and be aware of the heavy foot traffic in the parking lots between games. We have many young players and families out-and-about on Saturdays so please be aware when parking.

To help with your game-day planning, we want to highlight the three main parking areas available to families. Depending on what field your game is on, alternate parking locations may actually be closer for you.

Also, we have a high number of cars that are parking on curbs that are not designated for parking. This causes additional congestion in the parking lots and makes it difficult for other cars to get in and out of parking spaces. Additionally, cars parked along the curbs make it difficult to see kids as they walk through the parking lot. Please review the callout of the main parking lot below to see the most common No Parking areas marked in RED.

Parking Overview for Green Hope Elementary School Park

Field Layout


Main Parking Lot Callout - No Parking Areas
Field Layout