Attendance Tracking Feature Overview

UpdatedSunday August 2, 2015 byAdmin.

This guide will step you through the setup of the attendance tracking feature built into your TeamWall. You may download the TeamWALL Attendance Tracking Feature Overview (pdf) or follow the guide as covered below.



See which players will be attending upcoming practices and games so you can plan accordingly for that event.


To set this up, Coaches can log in to their Account and click View TeamWall, followed by Website Settings > Notification Settings. On the resulting page they will see the defaults in the image below, which are editable using the checkboxes next to each option.

Once configured, an initial email will be sent out to the assigned Players 7 days before the event, then again 3 days before, and finally 24 hours before the event to inquire about their attendance. If they mark that they will be attending the event, no further attendance emails will be sent.

Below is an example of the email that Players will see regarding attendance.


Additionally, if the "Send me an attendance Summary Email" option is turned on in your team's notification settings, you should receive a summary email however many hours you set prior to the event.  Below is an example of the summary email Coaches will receive if that option is checked.

Coaches can check the attendance numbers in real time by viewing the Event within the Schedule on their TeamWall.

Coaches can also manually adjust individual player attendance from TeamWALL, by clicking on their Schedule, selecting an event, then clicking the Attendance drop - down for each player: